Sam Cooper, Jerricat Music (SESAC), Red Heart Records, Jericat Group LLC

Lyric Credits: Sam Cooper
Music Credits: Sam Cooper
Producer Credits: Sam Cooper
Publisher Credits: Jerricat Music
Performance Credits: Sam Cooper--all tracks
Label Credits: Red Heart Records
Short Song Description:
Many ideas cross the mind about the word "old". Some are cool, but then some are enlightening in other ways. This covers some of them.
Long Song Description:
One thing nobody can buy is time. It's a somber situation when you begin to realize how valuable it is, especially when you start to cross over the bridge from youth. Perspective and wisdom can change dramatically when one starts numbering their years,
Story Behind the Song:
Got a new el cheapo Martin guitar. Threw a capo on the 2nd fret. The sound made me think of John Prine and Bob Dylan. The song just kind of wrote itself in about 20 minutes. I only did a little refining. The final verse came about a month after the rest of the song was done...the bow on the package.
Song Length 5:10
Primary Genre Folk-Country
Tempo / Feel Country-Americana
Tempo / Feel Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Change
Subject Matter 2 Life
Mood 1 Serene
Similar Artist 1 John Prine
Similar Artist 2 Bob Dylan
Language English
words and music by Sam Cooper (c)2006

1. Well that farmer, he's a pullin' up them weeds again,
He's a tryin' to tend to the family's needs again,
But the bank's on a binge takin' back the deeds again,
So all that he's a growin' is old.

2. The union man is tryin' hard to listen,
But the brothers and sisters are a moanin' and a pissin',
Ain't nobody knows who's ass they should be a kissin',
They ain't gettin' nowhere with the company but old.

Growin' old, growin' old,
I've been told it ain't so bad By people in the know,
But when it's a curtain time, I hope I'm a growin' old.

3. Now it's gettin' time to put the youngun's to bed,
The dyin' ones are a better off left for dead,
But the grocery store's selling thirty-nine kinds of bread,
How's a fool supposed live long enough to get old?

4. It hurts so much when I twist my head this a way,
The game of life ain't always that much fun to play,
I don't wanna go away, but I ain't sure I wanna stay,
I guess it beats a losin' out gettin' old.


5. None of us is gettin' outta here alive,
The regular folk seems contented to survive,
In the mirror, when them wrinkles start to arrive,
They're just sayin' hi to your face and growin' old.

6. The perks are really nice, son, thank you for that seat,
Can somebody here please turn up the goddamn heat?
Can't believe that livin' ain't livin', it ain't complete,
Unless you stop eatin' meat so's you'll get old

Growin' old, growin' old,
I've been told it ain't so bad, you just move a little slow,
But when it's a curtain times, I hope I'm growin' old.
Growin, old, growin' old,
I've been told it ain't so bad, just-a movin' with flow,
But when it's a curtain time, I hope,
I hope I'm,
I hope I'm a growin' old.

(outro verse #7 meant to be sung with just solo acoustic guitar)
Can't remember how I got here, must be fate.
Not many in line, ain't much of a wait.
I hear harps and see wings and halos at the gate.
I guess I'm finally done gettin' old.