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Kelli ONeill Posted: Feb 24, 2012
Loves you babycakes!! Listening to I Loves my Beer, AAHHH fond memories!! Love you!

Shad Woolley Posted: Jan 8, 2012
Spring Lake, New jersey
Hi Sam,
Lost track of you! Still have your contact info from Green Grove Rd. in Wayside...
Just wanted to say Hi, as I don't get on the internet too often...
I hope everything is going well for you down in Nashville. (I always wanted to move there, but you did it! Congrats.)
If you feel like saying Hi, I'd love to hear from you.

Clay Tanner II Posted: Jul 24, 2011
Where Seredipity and Synchronicity meet
Enjoyed hearing you perform your songs at Indigo last night. Thanks for sharing the story of how song writing makes for quick pit stops to jot down a verse whenever the inspiration arrives.

James Rea Posted: Dec 19, 2009
Nashville, TN USA
Sam & Dawn,
Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you both so much for your sponsor support on The Producer's Chair. You're "The Best of The Rest"

Rea Posted: Mar 7, 2009
Fair Haven, MI
Sam, I finally found you. My goodness, has it been a long time. I have been searching for you and finally got smart and googled your name! You sure have come a long way since New Brunswick and I am very proud of you. I listened to some of your music on my space and it sounds really good and totally like you! Hope to be in touch soon
Your long lost friend,

CowboySlim Posted: Dec 27, 2008
Nashville, TN USA
Hey, Sam,


Your buddy,


Michael Hughes Posted: Sep 15, 2008
Bristol, PA
Sam, your site is great. Glad to see you're still doing the Nashville trek. Hope to catch up there or in Jersy sometime. My CD will be finished soon, I'll bring you one. Keep writing buddy.

JOHN Posted: Apr 30, 2008
New York
Just thought you would like to know ... Steel Mill Retro is playing in your neck of the woods .. June 12 , Chatanooga , Tn. , at the Riverband Festival , and they are opening for your other friends , ZZ TOP .. Just thought you would like to know , and bring your camera !!

Jay Posted: Jan 14, 2008
Castle Rock, CO USA

I talked to Timmy this week and your name came up (in a good way). I hope all is going well for you. I found some pictures of jamming and I had to smile.


JOHN Posted: Jan 8, 2008
New York
Sammy , I don't know if you are going to be in N.J. , around the 27th of January , if you haven't heard yet , a benefit for John Luraschi is planned at the Headliner , (that is in Neptune City , N.J. , for all of those others interested in going ), I am sure it will be an event not to be missed ...I heard that Hot Romance , and Cold , Blast & Steel ,The Disco Rejects , amongst others , of course , will tear the roof off of the place !!!

Frank & Debby Rizzo Posted: Dec 8, 2007
Bricktown N.J.
Hey Sammy: glad all is going well for you,stay in touch
your friends alway's
Frank & Debby

You made the right choice, music is 1st....

Julia Dixon Posted: Nov 24, 2007
Charlotte, NC
Sam--Sending you some SUNSHINE from the Carolinas from Sunshine Julia--Your songs are awesome and so are you. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Love ya Julia

JOHN Posted: Oct 29, 2007
New York
Just came across a web-site of a friend of ours , and it is a good one ... ..thought you would enjoy getting in touch with him ... hope all is well with you ....keep rockin' !!!!

Ted Savage Posted: Sep 16, 2007
Trenton, NJ
Sam, it's been a loooong time since the Acme Boogie Co. days. Looks like things are goin' well. Keep on doin' whatcha doin'. Ted S.

INNERVISIONS Posted: Sep 8, 2007
Jersey Shore

You were my first record producer. I LOVE your progress!!! GO FOR IT!!! YOUR GONNA MAKE IT!!!

Trey Rick Posted: Jun 28, 2007
Jackson,MS & Nashville, TN
Hey Sam-

time for Willie to get a new guitar. He could at least get a new strap.

If somebody would cut it, you could get a new guitar too!

I loved seeing you play. I'll be there tonight.

Trey Rick
Pending Entertainment Attorney

KEVIN JOHN ALLEN Posted: Jun 19, 2007

Meredith Posted: Jun 17, 2007
Sammy boy. Looks like things are up. Say hi to Nashville for me.

sid c. Posted: Jun 15, 2007
Hi Everybody

I'm Sid, this is great resource, and is a pretty looking domain name :-)
Want to say that you, guys from jericat make a good work! Don't stop!

Adam-Smith Posted: May 13, 2007
My name is Adam!

Shari Streeter Posted: May 12, 2007
Browns Mills, NJ
Hey Sam! Give my regards to Dawn! It has been a few years but you really made my birthday special in Manchester! Thanks again, Be well and God Bless!

John Posted: May 12, 2007
New York
Just thought you should know that Bernie Brausewetter passed away last month , ( April 15th) , in case you were not aware of his passing , for all of you other folks , he was a great guitarist from New Jersey , almost as good as Sam .. RIP Bernie..

Richard Craig Posted: May 5, 2007
Queens, NY
Time to party! Keep rocking!

Sergio Vasquez Posted: Mar 15, 2007
The music just keeps getting better and better. The stuff you're producing now is great. Keep getting those top 10's Sam.

Julio Ferrigno Posted: Mar 12, 2007

Brandy Herman Posted: Mar 8, 2007
Pueblo, CO
Hey Sam. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform when I'm in for the week of Tin Pan South. I can't believe they didn't book you to perform at one of the shows.

Jared Corning Posted: Feb 21, 2007
Buffalo, NY
Yo, big daddy!

Cary Borden Posted: Feb 21, 2007
Vicksburg, MS
What's up Sam? How's Nashville?

Travis Martin Posted: Feb 21, 2007
Lubbock, TX
The new songs are cool, dude. Have fun in Nashville.

Jon Cruz Posted: Feb 21, 2007
Burbank, CA
You did a great job with the jam session nights on SBC 13. I hope they get you to do it again next year.

Frank Blondell Posted: Feb 21, 2007
More people need to find out about your web site, dude. I'm telling all my friends. Great songs and pictures.

Willis Richardson Posted: Feb 21, 2007
Hi Sam. Great songs at Douglas Corner last night.

Billy Posted: Feb 20, 2007
Glad to see you back in town, man.

Sandy Hart Posted: Feb 20, 2007
Hendersonville, TN
The new songs are awesome. Can't wait to hear the rest of the Christmas album.

Gerry Wilder Posted: Feb 20, 2007
What's the good word Sam? You're right about Patsy's. Now we need to walk some of your stuff down the street to Tony B.

Zoey Farmer Posted: Feb 20, 2007
Cleveland, OH
Maybe I'll get to see you in Nashville next week. Are you playing for Tin Pan South?

Meg Foreman Posted: Feb 20, 2007
New York
I'm lovin' the new version of My Friend that Debi Champion sings. Is that going to be released?

Willie Ackerman Posted: Feb 19, 2007
Middletown, NJ
I can't believe more people in NJ don't know about you. They should be playing you songs on 90.5 The Night. Have you ever sent them a cd?

mary mary Posted: Feb 19, 2007
hey sweetie. how's the wifey. give her my love.

Stan Koontz Posted: Feb 19, 2007
Wilmington, DE
Hey buddy. I'd ask you how's it going, but from what I can tell from your site, you're doing pretty good. Give a call sometime if you're passing my way.

Sue Randolf Posted: Feb 18, 2007
Seatle, WA, USA
Dawn's a lucky girl! Best of luck to both of you.

art davenport Posted: Feb 18, 2007
tyler, texas
congratulations on all the top-10's man. keep it up.

Gerald Cook Posted: Feb 18, 2007
Stowe, VT
Hi Sam.

Dan Borienski Posted: Feb 18, 2007
the Jersey Shore
This place is rockin' tonight! Where are you when we need you?

Charles Durling Posted: Feb 18, 2007
Los Angeles
Very nice site my friend.

Granny Posted: Feb 13, 2007
The Smokies
Way to go kid. The music warms my heart. Tennessee loves you.

Kelli O Posted: Feb 10, 2007
Syracuse, NY
Hey Sam! You go buddy, I sent you an e-mail. Keep on truckin' sweetie, lookin forward to hearing from you!
Love ya!

Ariana diGiovanni Posted: Feb 7, 2007
New York
Best regards to you Sam. I love When's Willie Gonna Buy A New Guitar.

Jackie Moran Posted: Feb 6, 2007
Love the songs. Hope you come up to visit and play.

Marc Wocznika Posted: Feb 4, 2007
Just want to say thanks. Great songs.

Alex Golden Posted: Feb 3, 2007
Los Angeles
Hi, Sam.

Sam Ritunella Posted: Feb 1, 2007
Boston, MA
Looking good, Sammy!

Julia Convoy Posted: Jan 31, 2007
Chicago, IL
Nice to see this site for the first time. Congratulations on making another top 10 list. Keep it up!

Mucho Macho Posted: Jan 26, 2007
Lord, I am lonely. And I'm sick to death of apples.

Odetta Williams Posted: Jan 26, 2007
Odessa, TX
Excellent site. Loved your song.

Oscar Hinckley Posted: Jan 26, 2007
Laredo, NJ
You did on your great web site!
Peace Out

Johnny Robertson Posted: Jan 26, 2007
Houston, TX
Loved your spaghetti sauce!

Debi Anderson Posted: Jan 26, 2007
London, England
You make great music! Thanks for the e-mail updates!

James Jackson Posted: Jan 25, 2007
Aspen, CO
Keep it up! Thanks a lot! Best regards!

Harold McKinley Posted: Jan 25, 2007
Patterson, NJ
It's great to see your journey from being a local musician to the heights you're achieving. Looking forward to seeing you at the Grammy's one day.

Mister Gary Posted: Jan 24, 2007
Far-freakin' out, man. You're the real deal. Keep up the great work, Sam.

Valerie K Posted: Jan 24, 2007
New York
Good luck and keep up good work.

Stacey Hartmann Posted: Jan 23, 2007
The Buckeye State
Splendid web site you got here. Take Care

Craig Ferguson Posted: Jan 23, 2007
San Diego
One of the things I heard recently is how good your music is! Well I'm glad I found your website. Can't understand why you're not more well known.

Elizabeth Dosser Posted: Jan 22, 2007
Congratulations on making all those top 10 lists. Best wishes for 2007, Sam!

frank (big daddy) ranelli Posted: Jan 20, 2007
birmingham, al.
great meeting and playing with you on the delbert cruise

andy golirius Posted: Jan 18, 2007
new york
way to go, sam! great web site.

al kashing Posted: Jan 17, 2007
rome, ny
you rock!

Susan Posted: Jan 14, 2007
Charlotte, NC
I agree with are sooooooo hot. lol Love you susan

Rory Glover Posted: Jan 14, 2007
New York
I enjoyed looking around your website, you have very nice design.
Good luck with everything!

Alan Ricoff Posted: Jan 13, 2007
Los Angeles
Very interesting site, has a lot of helpful information. I will be glad to see you on my site

Great thanx. Alan

Darina Chandra Posted: Jan 13, 2007
Very interesting and very pretty website. :)
Good luck and keep up good work. Darina

John Higgins Posted: Jan 13, 2007
New York
So , Now you are in Nashville , & I am in NY ... Go Figure ...I always knew " Time To Party " was a sure fire hit song !! That is my favorite !! Well , keep taking Nashville "by storm " ...

Robert J Posted: Jan 12, 2007
Very interesting and very pretty website. :)
Good luck and keep up good work.
Best regards.

luckyjoahn Posted: Jan 12, 2007
Hey I really like your site.
Thanks :) Luck

funnyMax Posted: Jan 12, 2007
Good job, here and there!!! Keep it up, I like your guestbook!!!
Please add your comments at my site.

Hanna Rob Posted: Jan 12, 2007
Thnx a lot for your splendid site.

Helen James Posted: Jan 11, 2007
Los Angeles
I wish you prosperity
Best wishes. Helen

Lisa Wilson Posted: Jan 11, 2007
Los Angeles
Best wishes. Lisa.

Julie Damps Posted: Jan 11, 2007
New York
Best regards.

alex dixon Posted: Jan 2, 2007
Los Angeles
Very Interesting. Thanks for your work.
Best regards.

frank elisian Posted: Dec 26, 2006
New York
Hi dude! Good luck!

Roger Parker Posted: Dec 25, 2006
Good to see you. Happy holidays.

NickySS Posted: Dec 24, 2006
Nice info, big thx.

DAWN Posted: Dec 22, 2006

Jeff Davis Posted: Dec 20, 2006
Livingston NJ

It was a pleasure meeting you at Anthony's the other night and playing music together. You are very talented!


Katie Harrigan Posted: Dec 18, 2006
Spring Lake
I just wanted to say hi and tell you how impressed I am. You've come a long way since the days of Opus 1 and The Acme Boogie Company. You've done us proud.

Reise Isadore Posted: Dec 17, 2006
London, England
Hello, very intersting site. Bye.

dan ash Posted: Dec 17, 2006
las vegas
good site but now it's time for a cruise...see you wishes.

Jack Talmadge Posted: Dec 17, 2006
Staten Island, NY
Hey Sam. I'm glad to see you doing so well.

Junie Talansky Posted: Dec 13, 2006
Harvey Cedars, NJ

Donald Barry Posted: Dec 13, 2006
New Orleans
Congratulations on all the top 10's and making the news in Nashville.

Jim Derry Posted: Dec 12, 2006
Osaka, Japan
I enjoyed meeting you at the Road Rally. Love the songs at your web site.

Will Norton Posted: Dec 11, 2006
St. Joseph, MO
Nice Work. Best regards!!

Terry Grant Posted: Dec 11, 2006
Petersburg, VA
Great to see you're still rockin'!

darius augustus Posted: Dec 11, 2006
irvington, nj, usa
Pretty nice site, want to see much more on it!

Leslie Wilson Posted: Dec 10, 2006
L.A., CA., USA
Keep up the good work Sam. You're an inspiration to the rest of us.

Lena Harrison Posted: Dec 9, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Thanks for the songs. You have a great web site.

Lola LaBreque Posted: Dec 8, 2006
Love your website.

Aaron Dust Posted: Dec 8, 2006
Oslo, Norway
Your web site is great! The songs and photos are very good.

Jesse Black Posted: Dec 7, 2006
New York
Hi y'all!

Stan Meska Posted: Dec 6, 2006
On the money, Sam! When will you be in the city already?

James Edward Williams Posted: Dec 6, 2006
Fair Bluff, NC
Very interesting, really! I need viagra--lots of it--now--please!

Vernon Delaney Posted: Dec 5, 2006
Tallahasee Fl
I've been to a lot of music sites lately and this is definitely one of the easiest to spend time at for me. You have a lot of great tunes.

Arnie Bekin Posted: Dec 4, 2006
Newport News, VA
Thank you, Sam. I enjoyed your website.

Joe Prewitt Posted: Dec 4, 2006
Hey Bro' just keep on doin' what your doin'. Come down and jam sometime at the Westside on Sun. Later, JP

Lauren Stanfield Posted: Dec 1, 2006
Madison, TN
Great website!

Barbi Posted: Dec 1, 2006
Oh, if you weren't already married....

Aaron Woolley Posted: Nov 30, 2006
Hey, page looks great.

Sandy Orlando Posted: Nov 29, 2006
Uniopolis, Ohio
Just joining in to say how much I love your music.

max wedge Posted: Nov 28, 2006
very cool music. great nashville styles.

yolanda mendez Posted: Nov 25, 2006
san antonio, tx
your music is very good.

Wendall Harper Posted: Nov 25, 2006
Clearwater, FL
This is a great web site.

janet cernak Posted: Nov 23, 2006
odessa, tx
hey y'all! we enjoyed visiting your website very much.

Armand Walburger Posted: Nov 23, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
It was nice to meet you and Dawn at the Road Rally. Let me know when you're back in L.A.

Andrew Rittenberg Posted: Nov 23, 2006
Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada
Tres bien, mon ami!

Barry Jacobs Posted: Nov 23, 2006
Bedford, IN
There's nobody else out there like you. Pretty good stuff--very original.

ahmet delaini Posted: Nov 23, 2006
portland, oregon
i enjoyed your web site.

Oliver Foreman Posted: Nov 23, 2006
Philadelphia, PA
You've got Americana soul!

Christie Johnson Posted: Nov 22, 2006
Amherst, MA
My friend from Cambridge, Jeri Hart, told me to check out your site. I'm totally into the songs I've heard so far. They're so diverse, they make me think of how the Beatles were, even though you sound very different. I can hear a lot of different influences. Keep it up!

Adam Greco Posted: Nov 22, 2006
Tampa, FL
Glad 2 hear ur doing well.

Patricia Davison Posted: Nov 22, 2006
Freehold, NJ
We'll be watching you! Your music is the best, Sam!

Donald Breston Posted: Nov 22, 2006
Medford, Oregon
Thanks for the great tunes and photos.

Dana Shepard Posted: Nov 21, 2006
Greensboro, NC
I look forward to all the new music. Keep up the good work.

Sheldon Morris Posted: Nov 21, 2006
New York
Alright Sam!

airman crispo Posted: Nov 21, 2006
i'd tell you, but it's classified
thanks for supporting the troops, sam. looking forward to getting some more cd's.

Stan Birney Posted: Nov 21, 2006
Dayton, OH
Hell of a website. Sure glad you don't clutter it up with annoying animation and lots of crap. Love the tunes.

bill nachman Posted: Nov 21, 2006
martinsville, va
i bookmarked your site. sheila and I enjoyed visiting your website.

B Fortney Posted: Nov 20, 2006
Auburn, Alabama
Super news, man! Keep up those Tracks Of The Day and Top 10 lists. You deserve it. I like the pictures at this site, too.

Norbert Ayres Posted: Nov 20, 2006
Danville, Va.
All the great things that are happening for you couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Lots of luck.

Phil Mariocca Posted: Nov 20, 2006
Queens, New York
Your music impressed me. Good stuff.

Ari Kubanoff Posted: Nov 20, 2006
Titusville, FL
Very cool, getting track of the day on Garageband! I'll look for it.

armand angers Posted: Nov 20, 2006
mt. vernon, illinois
super good news about your songs. the site is looking pretty damn good, man.

christie banks Posted: Nov 20, 2006
hammond, la
sweet sounds, sam. congratulations on your latest awards from garageband.

CJ Reading Posted: Nov 19, 2006
Greensboro, NC

dauren breeden Posted: Nov 19, 2006
atlanta, ga
congratulations on reaching so many top 10 lists and producing kja & the jersey cowboyz and ray dahrouge. keep keeping the buzz going, man.

bill the cat Posted: Nov 18, 2006
new orleans
hello, sam. your site has great music and is so easy to navigate. it's very cool.

Poncho Posted: Nov 18, 2006
Jersey City, NJ
You've been doing your homework my friend. Glad to see you're doing so well. Keep following your dreams.

Fred Costello Posted: Nov 18, 2006
Middletown, NJ
Hey, Sam! You rule. Keep up the great music.

Perry the K. Posted: Nov 18, 2006
Patterson, NJ
Lucky to find your web site, man. It's one of my favorites.

Anders Defoe Posted: Nov 18, 2006
Las Vegas, NV
Great site. The music really moves in all directions without being monotonous or boring. Hope to see your name on the charts in Billboard someday soon.

Sidney Krahlis Posted: Nov 17, 2006
Port St. Lucie, FL
I really enjoyed listening to the music on your song page. Maybe we'll see you on the cruise in 2008. Best of luck to you.

yvonne westerman Posted: Nov 17, 2006
love your web site!

Ryan McMahon Posted: Nov 17, 2006
Burbank, CA
Great site, Sam! Hope to see you in L.A. again next year.

Winnie McGraw Posted: Nov 16, 2006
Galveston, TX
So many cool people in your photos! The music is great, too.

0rville Greene Posted: Nov 16, 2006
Topeka, KS
That's some hearty selection of songs. I enjoyed your site.

Francis McCullen Posted: Nov 16, 2006
Fort Worth, Texas
Your music is wonderful.

Xaviera B. Hart Posted: Nov 15, 2006
West Palm Beach, FL
What cool songs and pictures! How come you're not more well known?

Danielle Ephran Posted: Nov 15, 2006
New York
Hello! Looks good. Much success to you!

lawrence levy Posted: Nov 15, 2006
fresno, ca
really like your site. you're very talented.

Nolan Grier Posted: Nov 15, 2006
St. Louis, MO
Sam, you are amazing. Almost everything I hear at your site knocks me out.

Verlaine Porter Posted: Nov 14, 2006
Detroit, MI
Dug down in the song list and found some soul songs. Sounds like you got some of the Memphis thing going with You. That's the stuff I'm down with. Keep cool.

Kip Carlisle Posted: Nov 13, 2006
Lexington, KY
Your music is great, man.

Eric Gold Posted: Nov 13, 2006
Tuckerton, NJ
Solid music, Sam. Very cool photos, too.

Cassie Zimmerman Posted: Nov 12, 2006
Staten Island, New York
Hey, Sam! Nice website! Best of luck to you in everything you do.

Don Brajianski Posted: Nov 12, 2006
Yours is a wonderful web site. Thank you for the great songs.

Jim Flandenberg Posted: Nov 12, 2006
You've been in the musical driver's seat for years. Keep hugging the curves (especially Dawn's). The web site looks great!

Phil Armelita Posted: Nov 12, 2006
New York, NY
Hello! Thi is a fine web site.

Mr. Dunphy Posted: Nov 11, 2006
Elizabeth, NJ
All that good music--we're proud of you.

Colin Lippincott Posted: Nov 11, 2006
You're right on target, Sam.

Billy Bob Posted: Nov 10, 2006
Berlin, NJ
I like it a lot! Good work, keep it up.

mary o'neill Posted: Nov 10, 2006
spring lake
i've been a fan of you for about twenty years and you're overdue for hitting the big time. much success to you.

Evan Wiseman Posted: Nov 10, 2006
Seattle, WA
It was great meeting you at the Americana Music Association week in Nashville. When I get back, maybe we can sit around with a couple of guitars and pound out a new song.

The New Breeders Posted: Nov 10, 2006
Bethesda, MD
Sam, we really hope you make it all the way. Your songs are great for "breeding".

petey Posted: Nov 10, 2006
as always, you've done a great job making music that we all love. all the best wishes for your songwriting career.

Mark Abraham Posted: Nov 10, 2006
My man! Still keepin' on keepin' on as usual. The new songs are cool.

Jules Rubin Posted: Nov 9, 2006
Saddle River, NJ
Damn, are still a great songwriter. When's Willie Gonna Buy A New Guitar is funny as hell.

Marie Mazur Posted: Nov 9, 2006
Binghamton, NY
I love Sam.

Emily Smart Posted: Nov 8, 2006
Orlando, FL USA
I can swing to I'M A BE ALRIGHT. Sounds like my man, Delbert McClinton. Great song.

bob rob Posted: Nov 8, 2006
arab, al, us
what the hell's the matter with you, you damn bastard? give me back my watermelons.

goddess of love Posted: Nov 8, 2006
stanford, ct
keep up this great site.

alex koster Posted: Nov 7, 2006
marin county
cool pics of you and tommy castro on stage. he's my favorite bluesman. looks like you were having a ball.

Crazy Legz Posted: Nov 7, 2006
Looking forward to dancing the nights away on SBC 13. Delbert should book you to play instead of making you pay.

george dow Posted: Nov 7, 2006
thanks for great music. there are so many different styles, that i never get bored listening to your site.

FLO HILLMAN Posted: Nov 7, 2006

Pinho Martinez Posted: Nov 7, 2006
San Diego, CA
I'm glad I found you're site, amigo. I wish you the best of luck.

alexis harmon-smith Posted: Nov 6, 2006
chicago, illinois
this is one cool site. we may be baby boomers, but we ain't dead yet.

Armando Aurelio Posted: Nov 6, 2006
Venice, Italy
Your music and photographs are fantastic. I hope to come to America next year. If I do, I hope to take a week for Nashville. If you are there, I'll certainly look forward to seeing you perform live.

Donna Sexton Posted: Nov 5, 2006
You really get down with it, Sam. Keep up the great music.

Pete Yarnov Posted: Nov 5, 2006
West New York, NJ
Super web site, dude. It's a long way from Hey Betty. Never knew you had so much country in you.

Fran McCarter Posted: Nov 5, 2006
Woodbridge, NJ
What a wonderful surprise after over thirty years. I'm so glad to see that you are still making music. Remember the Sandbox, The Colonel's Garter and The Brothers III? Those were great times.

kobe the k Posted: Nov 5, 2006
tempe, az
way 2 go, sam! u da man.

Heidi Goldberg Posted: Nov 5, 2006
Your music is fantastic. Let me know if you need somebody to play fiddle.

Dominique Pursiane Posted: Nov 3, 2006
Bronx, New York
Hi! Looks good.

BUZZ WAGNER Posted: Nov 3, 2006

Frederick Behringer Posted: Nov 3, 2006
Wow! I'm glad I found your site. There are so many good songs! I hope to see you perform when I return to the U.S. next year.

Buddy Calderon Posted: Nov 1, 2006
Your site rocks, dude. Lots of luck. You've got the goods to make it.

harry Posted: Nov 1, 2006
nice site.

Julia Kropke Posted: Nov 1, 2006
New York
Your web site is just beautiful! Much success in all your endeavours!
Good luck.

Emily Fink Posted: Oct 30, 2006
You are the sexiest hottest guy I've ever seen in my life and I would love to you know what to your you know what. Say hi to Dawn!

benji burjuiam Posted: Oct 30, 2006
ny, ny
you have made a great web site. i love your songs and pictures.

Larry Koroluk Posted: Oct 30, 2006
Murfreesboro, TN
I really like "She's The Hurtin' Kind". Also enjoyed the photograhs of you playing with everyone.

freebo mottola Posted: Oct 29, 2006
rock on, my brother. great web site.

LC Posted: Oct 29, 2006
Long Branch, NJ
We've enjoyed following your exploits, Sam. We miss seeing you in Hey Betty, but it's exciting to see you doing so well. Keep doing what you're doing.

Sybil Rhodes Posted: Oct 28, 2006
Sounds great. When are you coming back to Nashville? Please don't forget to add me to your e-mail list.

Florence Slomin Posted: Oct 28, 2006
New York
Please come to NYC now! We need your music in the Village.

lois lewis Posted: Oct 27, 2006
st. louis
go cards! go sam!

Gracie Foreman Posted: Oct 27, 2006
Diluth, MN
Sam,you're over the top!

Frankie LaMaze Posted: Oct 26, 2006
When are you playing in town?

Big Daddy Posted: Oct 25, 2006
Your cd sounds in my caddie.

Big Daddy

Inez DeMarco Posted: Oct 24, 2006
New York
Sam, you make my day.

Amber Alvarez Posted: Oct 24, 2006
Midland, Texas
Your songs are sweet as honey, honey.

lou boroni Posted: Oct 23, 2006
brooklyn (top of the food chain)
man, your songs put the gravy on the meatballs

Esther Greenberg Posted: Oct 22, 2006
Marlboro,NJ United States
Great songs. Much good luck and success.

Sarah Hart Posted: Oct 22, 2006
You were great jamming on Delbert's cruise. Hope to see you again in January

Billy Schuyler Posted: Oct 22, 2006
New York City
Wish you would play out down the shore again. You have some great songs! Good luck in Nashville.

Will Norris Posted: Oct 21, 2006
New York
Hail the jam-meister general!

SexyLady2 Posted: Oct 21, 2006
See ya on SBC 13. Delbert rules.

howard jones Posted: Oct 21, 2006
Nice site. You sound great.

harry levine Posted: Oct 21, 2006
iselin, nj
you've come a long way since those days at the rutgers frat parties! keep rockin'.

Vinnie Sun Posted: Oct 18, 2006
You have some great tunes. I dig all the different styles. Keep up the great work.

Sid Oritata Posted: Oct 18, 2006
Way to go!

Jerry Spencer Posted: Oct 17, 2006
Colts Neck/New Jersey/USA
Thanks for the E-mail, The song sounds much better after your production work. I wish you the best of luck in Nashville. Take care, and GOD BLESS.

Frederick & Jean Martin Posted: Oct 15, 2006
Bethesda, MD, USA
We met in Nashville. You did some great songs at the Commodore. Love the music and the cool photos at your site. Lots of luck!
Fred & Jeannie

xena Posted: Oct 14, 2006
you're very talented. who plays in your band--they're extremely good.

Ingrid Watson Posted: Oct 14, 2006
I wish you the best of luck. I love your music.

hpc Posted: Oct 13, 2006
see ya at the bluebird

Veronica Portman Posted: Oct 10, 2006
Ocean Grove, NJ
I just wanted to see your new website and it's great. Good luck in Nashville.

Mary Hightower Posted: Oct 9, 2006
New Orleans
You've really got the Dr. John funk in Time To Party. Congratulations on the top 10 lists.

Michael Brooks Posted: Oct 9, 2006
Staten Island, NY
Hey man! I remember you in the Acme Boogie Company. We used to see you at the Tropical Pub in Belmar. You guys were great! Glad to see you're still plugging along. Are the rest of the guys still around, too? Keep rocking!

onesuperduper Posted: Oct 8, 2006
Brentwood, TN
Just saying hi. See you in Nashville.

ChairsRock7 Posted: Oct 8, 2006
madison, tennessee
Sam, it was fun playing a round with you at the Commodore. Especially enjoyed that jazzy song you did. It had some pretty cool chords. Maybe we could get together and you could teach them to me? You don't hear much of that around here.

Capeteritan Posted: Oct 7, 2006
Marlboro, NJ, US
Time To Party, Old and Reggae Summer are my favorites--this time.

Sam Lieke Posted: Oct 7, 2006
Really enjoyed your songs. When are you playing the big apple?

big ben Posted: Oct 7, 2006
san bernadino, ca
Wow, what a variety of music! Looking forward to seeing you at the Road Rally in November!

Capeteritan Posted: Oct 5, 2006
Marlboro, NJ, US
Your music is awesome. For years, I've known that you should be successful as a songwriter! Keep up the great work.

Felice Kaye-Cooper Posted: Oct 1, 2006
Teaneck, New Jersey
Sam is one of the best guitarist and fellow songwriter's I have come to admire on Broadjam.

SamantA Posted: Jul 31, 2006
New York
Your website is just beautiful! I wish you much success in all your endeavours! In love,
friendship and healing Linda

tom burgess Posted: Jul 27, 2006
ponca city oklahoma
Sam, Chase Foster(my grandson) called me from Nashville and raved about your songwriting he said,"grandpa you gotta hear this guy, he writes some good stuff". So I am checking out you site. Keep doin' what your doin'". And stay in touch through the Chaseman.

Thanks again.

Tom Burgess

SamantA Posted: Jul 24, 2006
New York
Hello! I wish to thank authors for this site, it was pleasant to me! I hope that the project will develop only. With the best regards, Samanta.

hb Posted: Jul 13, 2006
Still enjoying the latest version of "Reggae Summer"!

Dan Harr Posted: May 30, 2006
Nashville, TN
Hi ya, Sam. Great time at the Bluebird last night... I really enjoyed meeting you. This is a nice website...I've enjoyed traveling through it and learning more about you.

Clay McClinton Posted: May 17, 2006
Nashville, TN
Hey Sam,
Look forward to seeing you on SBC13 if not before.
P.S. Where can I get some good BBQ in Richmond?

Dan Mileaf Posted: May 16, 2006
Point Pleasant, NJ
Great stuff and nice touch. The musicians you link to also show how great your taste in music is. Look forward to seeing you.

hank........usa1guitar... Posted: May 14, 2006
...cali forn i ehhh!!!!
all the best to you....
cheering you on!!!
from the guy who use to watch everything you did on guitar and copy it...
now if i can just get that smile!!!!

Kerri Yelton Posted: Apr 19, 2006
Long Branch, NJ
Keep up the fantastic job you're doing. Follow your dreams and be happy!

Dennis Posted: Apr 4, 2006
Sam keep following your dream my friend. Very nice site and I have marked as a favorite. My best to you, Dawn and the family.

Kelley "Roaddawg" Jones Posted: Mar 31, 2006
LaPorte,Texas USA
Sam, It has finally slowed down around here after the Delbert McClinton Cruise. I sure enjoyed our Jam in the Crows Nest on the cruise. Ready for next! Enjoying your music too. Keep it up. Stay in touch.

MIKE GRAY Posted: Mar 21, 2006

Denny & Don Posted: Mar 14, 2006
Wayside, NJ
correction to last sign in.
Call us when you get back to NJ.

Denny&Don Posted: Mar 14, 2006
Wayside, NJ
It was great to see you. Good luck to you in your new adventures. Don't give up. Be safe.
Check out Don's site.

Jenn Franklin Posted: Mar 13, 2006
Nashville, TN
Great that gruff!

Tommy K Posted: Mar 10, 2006
Highlands NJ
Sam: Nice stuff!

Joe Cullity Posted: Mar 8, 2006
Red Bank, NJ
Hope you come play a couple of coffee houses, or outside in the courtyard with us some day

Sue Dimock Posted: Mar 8, 2006
Bakersville, NC
Hi from the hills of NC! Site looks awesome, Sam. Sounds like you're doin' real good up there in Jersey.

Bob Adams Posted: Mar 3, 2006
Hey Sammy,
Cool site!
Great jammin with ya on the Delbert cruise. Gotta feeling we'll be doin it again some day.

tommy castro Posted: Mar 2, 2006
San Rafael Ca
Great jam on sbc12

Chris Ruckman Posted: Feb 28, 2006
Alexandria, VA
That's quite a catalog of songs! I loved "Little Girl Blue". You write some cool stuff.

Very funny that one of your previous bands was Acme Boogie Company! We think alike.

Best of luck to you ...

chris ianiro Posted: Feb 27, 2006
eatontown nj usa
i believe we got a winner of luck to you my friend.

Carol Patterson & Jimmy Squillante Posted: Feb 27, 2006
Oceanport New Jersey
We miss you

Gordo Posted: Feb 26, 2006
Folly Beach, SC

Nice site. Hope lots of folks find it...

Good gigs on SBC XII. We enjoyed meeting you and Dawn. Good luck and good rhythym...
Gordo & Sue.

Heather Byrd - All the Rage Posted: Feb 22, 2006
Nashville, TN
Hey thanks for the invite to stop by and check out your music. Makes me want to grab a margarita and hit the beach! You can't ask for more than that. Good luck to you and please keep me posted on any upcoming performance dates. XO-H

Artie Wayne Posted: Feb 22, 2006
Los Angeles
Sam...Your website looks great!! You've got a good heart...never stop following it.

Regards, Artie Wayne

bobby strange Posted: Feb 22, 2006
monmouth beach, n.j. monmouth
'ya just keep gettin' betta and betta! (is that even possible lol!)

Joe Prewitt Posted: Feb 20, 2006
Good Luck on your new venture Sammy, we'd be happy to link you to our site. And even if you show up without your guitar we can probably find one for you to play. I'll be talking to you soon, meanwhile keep on doin' it baby. Your friend Joe Prewitt

doreen Posted: Feb 19, 2006
near you
sam is the best best best

Pete Posted: Feb 18, 2006
Love your new site--lived in the past for a half hour

Linc Davis Posted: Feb 18, 2006
Sweet music....

Bernice Corley Posted: Feb 17, 2006
Long Branch, NJ 07740 Monmouth
I really enjoyed the songs. Your writing of the lyrics are very good.

Susan Posted: Feb 16, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Well I assume I am the only susan from charlotte that you know so...Just heard the new songs and love "I Believe I'm a be alright", "Growin Old" and I always liked "Reggae Summer". Keep posting the new ones and new renditions and keep up the good work. Love you,


Rhoda Cooper Posted: Feb 16, 2006
Lakewood, NJ
I LOVE IT! Just played "My Friend" and "Tequilla"....and will play others, when have time.
Love You,

Bill Bergman Posted: Feb 16, 2006
Keepit soulful!