Sam Cooper, Jerricat Music (SESAC), Red Heart Records, Jericat Group LLC
THE ORANGE MAN (Chris Gantry-ld. vocal)

Lyric Credits: Chris Gantry, Kate McCoy, Brenda Enderson, Sam Cooper
Music Credits: Chris Gantry, Kate McCoy, Brenda Enderson, Sam Cooper
Producer Credits: Sam Cooper
Publisher Credits: Studio 33/Chris Gantry Music, Jericat Music
Performance Credits: Chris Gantry-ld. vocal, Sam Cooper--backup voc. and instruments
Label Credits: Red Heart Records
Short Song Description:
story of a kid gone bad who ends up on the prison road crew
Song Length 3:57
Primary Genre Rap-Dirty South
Tempo / Feel Rap-Progressive
Tempo / Feel Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Crime, Theft
Subject Matter 2 Failure
Mood 1 Restless
Mood 2 Stressed
Similar Artist 1 Kid Rock
Similar Artist 2 Eminem
Language English
music & lyrics by Chris Gantry, Brenda Enderson, Kate McCoy and Sam Cooper ©2009

1. I lived a life of glitter, but it's not all glamour,
I pushed it to the limit and down came the hammer.
Runnin' with the bad boys, playin' with some bad toys,
Moved a little stash just to raise a little cash.
Did my thing, made my bling,
With the brothers and the white trash.

2. Daddy used to beat me up, Momma couldn't keep me home,
I used to roam the streets like a flea-bitten dog,
Had a girl on every corner who would fornicate,
And bring me all the money they could make and all the missy
I could take.

3. I pulled an all-nighter at the Golden Gopher,
Strippers and Aerosmith songs, I'm putting twenties in the
Doin' a little biz with Southside Slim,
When the door bust open and the heat burst in,
A cop pointed at me, yelling "That's him!"

4. Handcuffs on, everything was getting' jammed,
It wasn't the first time the man wanted to put me in the slam,
They trumped up a warrant, found piece and a scale,
Judge said "You're a threat, go to jail, no bail!"

I'm the orange man,
See me strugglin' on the road side,
Pickin' up the garbage, sweatin' in the summertime,
The orange man,
C.O. with a shotgun, yellin' at me "Shut up!",
Makin' sure I don't run,
The orange man,
Took a plea for two fives, consecutive with a three stip,
Now I'm doin' hard time.
The orange man,
Thought I was street smart,
Ripped out my momma's heart,
Now it wasn't worth the crime.

5. Two times a week for forty five minutes,
My baby's momma stands in line and brings her for a visit.
Shorty's lookin' good and the time goes fast,
It get's hard, can't touch her through the bulletproof glass.

6. It's brain sex or no sex, ain't doin' it with my bunkie,
He's hard core a long time, used to be a junkie.
In this cell there's no mix, ain't into a quick fix,
I miss my T and A, I need some hay for my donkey.

(to chorus)

7. If I hadn't copped a plea, I'd be doin' eight and eight,
Now they pulled me out of county and they sent me to the state.
Social worker said "Kid, you better scare straight,
Or the rest of your life, you're gonna be makin' license plates."

8. Used to be the more I was pushed, I pushed back,
In the old days I was doin' it, I'd lay you out flat.,
No room for excuses, my deuce was just a wild
Lookin' over my shoulder in the exercise yard.

9. But I got my G.E.D. and they taught me carpentry,
And I'll be out a week from Monday at a quarter to three.
Stayin' clean, keepin' cool, best as I can,
Cause orange ain't no color for a libertized man.

(to chorus--then ad lib vamp and fade)